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Miura's popular K-Grind Wedges. Available in 52°, 54°, 56°, 58° and 60°.

Miura K-Grind Review and Recommendations

The K-Grind Wedge from Miura is truly unique. The sole of this wedge is "milled" in three places. Our players trust this wedge especially from the bunker because it "glides" through the sand much easier. However, we wanted to find out how the wedge plays outside the bunker and what the advantages of such a sole are by testing it extensively on the short course.

Admittedly, the look of the wedge takes some time getting used to and many people will probably ask themselves what this sole is all about. But you will soon notice the difference to normal wedges. And we have also tested the K-Grind Wedge against wedges with a very similar shape and - apart from the three bulges - a similar cut.

The K-Grind Wedge is designed with a lot of bounce and the 56° Wedge has actually 14° bounce - which is definitely a lot. But bounce is very relative. Unfortunately it is only a number, which sometimes has little meaning. And this is also evident with the K-Grind Wedge. Because with 14° bounce certain shots would hardly be possible - but with the K-Grind Wedge no problem.

In short, it all depends on the grind and shape of the sole. With the K-Grind Wedge, you can feel the bulges in the sole very precisely. This means that the wedge does not bounce off the ground as radically as you would expect from "normal" wedges. And this is exactly the big advantage of the K-Grind: you have the advantages of a high bounce wedge, but you can also use it to hit shots that otherwise require little bounce.

The best example for this are lobshots with a strongly opened face. A 56° wedge can also be opened very strongly, adding even more bounce. So we have a high bounce wedge to which we add more bounce - actually a very bad starting point for a lob shot. But with the K-Grind Wedge it works surprisingly well. The reason for this is that the sole allows more interaction with the ground. We really challenged the wedge in our test, but couldn't make any thin or topped shots with it. The sole did not make this possible despite the bounce.

A small difference to other wedges and the Miura Tour wedges is that the leading edge of the clubface is very straight. This makes it very easy to align the clubface towards the target.

What you can definitely say is that the K-Grind makes "playing with the bounce" very easy and punishes the player less harshly than with ordinary soles. This means, for example, that you can also have a good amount of ground contact before the ball. The sole of the K-Grind does not then bounce back aggressively, but interacts more with the ground and still allows a clean ball contact. All in all, it is therefore more forgiving when hitting the ball too steeply or contacting the ground too early.

This is exactly why the K-Grind Wedge is an absolutely ingenious wedge. In addition, the wedge is very good through thick or wet rough - as well as through sand. Therefore most of the K-Grind wedges we sell on ExactGolf are 56° Sandwedges. This is often combined with Miura Tour or High Bounce wedges.

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