Miura TB-901 Lefthand

Product image 1Miura TB-901 Lefthand
Product image 2Miura TB-901 Lefthand
Product image 3Miura TB-901 Lefthand
Product image 4Miura TB-901 Lefthand
Product image 5Miura TB-901 Lefthand
Product image 6Miura TB-901 Lefthand

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Beside the popular Cavity Back Miura iron, CB-801, we can now offer another Miura blade for left-handed players with the TB-901. And this one has it all. It is indeed a very classic and sharp blade - similar to the successful MB-101. The small difference to the MB-101 is a bit more weight in the lower part of the club head which makes the TB-901 a bit easier to play. But really just a little. Because you can't fool yourself with this club. It's a real blade that only belongs in the hands of players who know what they are doing.

In terms of topline and offset, the TB-901 is designed for maximum sportiness, i.e. minimum topline and minimum offset. The sole of the TB-901 is a bit wider than the MB-101 and therefore allows a bit more mistakes. In this respect - and also in terms of weight distribution - the TB-901 is very similar to the TC-201, which is only available for right-handers.

We can build the TB-901 in all imaginable configurations for you. You can choose from a wide range of high-quality and durable shafts from manufacturers such as Nippon, Shimada, KBS, Dynamic Gold, Fujikura, etc. With the TB-901 it is also possible to take weight from the club head, which is often necessary for example with longer shafts.

We can recommend the TB-901 for all left-handers who are looking for a blade, or at least a mixture of blade and cavity back iron. For this the TB-901 is a real option and you will enjoy the typical soft Miura feeling.
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