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The new JPX921 Forged is certainly the one iron from the JPX921 series that has changed the most. Mizuno has really turned a few screws to make this iron not only more forgiving but also smaller. This makes the JPX921 Forged more interesting for good players - especially when it comes to long irons. Good amateurs and pros can consider a mixed set of JPX921 Tour for the short irons and JPX921 Forged for the long irons.

What makes this iron so unique is its construction. The JPX921 Forged, as the name suggests, is basically forged. Afterwards it is milled from the sole behind the clubface. This process has already been successfully implemented in the JPX919. With JPX921, however, the clubface became significantly thinner. The result is a higher COR (trampoline effect), a higher forgiveness which is spread over a larger part of the face. And this despite the fact that the new JPX921 Forged has a smaller and narrower clubhead. The latter will also be one reason why this iron will now really be in the focus of better players.

The lofts became 1° stronger but the new JPX921 Forged is also launching a bit higher.

We will receive our test clubs shortly to publish a detailed test report.

Iron Set from 5-PW.

Construction Comparison of JPX919 and 921

Mizuno JPX921 Forged Specs and Lofts

Loft in ° Lie in ° Offset in Inch Length in Inch
#4 21 60 0.161 38.5
#5 24 60.5 0.152 38
#6 27 61 0.142 37.5
#7 31 61.5 0.132 37
#8 35 62 0.122 36.5
#9 40 62.5 0.112 36
PW 45 63 0.102 35.5
GW 50 63 0.093 35.25 

JPX921 Forged Review and Recommendation

If you had to take out one iron from the JPX921 series that has changed the most, it would certainly be the JPX921 Forged. Mizuno's aim was to pack the same technology as its predecessor into a smaller clubhead. The JPX921 Forged has therefore become much more compact and should be based on the JPX921 Tour. Inevitably, it must also be compared with this one. We now had the opportunity to test the JPX921 Forged extensively and to check if the promises of Mizuno can be kept.

The look of the JPX921 Forged

While the previous model looked quite big and a bit "clunky", the JPX921 Forged is more oriented towards the typical narrow design of the Tour version. At first sight it is therefore difficult to see any difference. The clubface is quite long - much longer than the MP20. The topline is slightly thicker than the Tour but still quite narrow. You can only see the technology in this iron if you look very closely - or have the club head in your hand. The integrated weights in the clubhead are practically invisible - and that has changed compared to the 919.

What the JPX921 Forged promises

The JPX921 Forged aims to produce the highest possible ball speed and launch, and that is exactly what it does. You can tell at the moment of impact that the clubface is "hot" and produces very high ball speeds. Mizuno has invested a lot to make the face of the JPX921 Forged even thinner and you can feel it. It is also impressive how constant the ball speeds are. It doesn't matter where you hit the ball, but even suboptimal shots still develop ball speeds that you can work with.

The launch itself also depends on the player and shaft. What we can already say without a doubt is that the launch with this iron can be no problem. It is not for nothing that it is recommended as a variant of the long irons for a combination set with JPX921 Tour.

The feeling

Let us now turn to another strength of this iron. When it comes to feedback and feel, the JPX921 Forged definitely doesn't have to hide from the MP20 series. On the contrary. In our opinion, there is hardly a Mizuno iron that plays softer. This is probably less due to the material than to the very thin hitting surface. Another positive aspect is that the JPX921 Forged does not generate the typical "clicking noise". What is of course a bit of a drawback - and this is due to the design - is the fact that the feedback is less direct than with a blade or cavity back iron. This means that it is a little harder to locate the exact point of impact. Compared to Hollow Construction irons like the MP20 HMB, Honma TR21 X or two-piece construction irons this is still easier with the Forged.

Shaping and Dispersion

When it comes to shaping balls and putting them on the green with a fade or draw, this is of course better done with an iron like the JPX921 Tour or MP20. Basically, the JPX921 Forged does not develop enough sidespin. However, this does not mean that shaping the ball is not possible. In our experience, you just have to "invest" a lot more. But this is exactly one of its strengths. The JPX921 Forged is ideal for longer irons, where maximum precision is required. In our tests, at least significantly less curvature than, for example, the JPX921 Tour was found.

Our recommendation

We have to admit that we were not as taken with any Mizuno iron as we were with the JPX921 Forged. In our opinion, Mizuno has greatly improved this iron compared to its predecessor. So much so that it has become a real alternative to cavity back irons like the MP20 MMC or JPX921 Tour. The offset is not noticeably large and should not bother better players too much either. If Brooks Koepka can play the Tour version with a similar offset, a good player with a 6 handicap should be able to do so as well.

It is not as if we would recommend the JPX921 Forged only for long irons. Of course, that's where the iron has its strengths, but even better players should consider a complete set with these irons. Players who need a little more support for long irons, and who are more concerned with precision than playability, should consider JPX921 Forged. Especially players who have played a complete set of JPX921 Tour.

The JPX921 Forged is the clear winner of Mizunos new series and is indeed convincing all along the line.

About Mizuno

Mizuno not only manufactures golf clubs but also manages to provide excellent products in exactly this segment. One of the main reasons for this is that Mizuno always aims to offer the best possible quality. And they already have several decades of experience with golf clubs. They were one of the first to optimize the production process of forged irons. Over the years Mizuno has developed the so-called Grain Flow Technology. This process makes the steel that is forged much purer. This way Mizuno does not have to forge at such high pressure as Miura. Mizuno has thus established an industrial process that meets high quality standards and still allows the production of large quantities.

The iron heads are all manufactured in Hiroshima, Japan and then shipped to Scotland. There, each set of irons is individually assembled - exactly according to the customer's requirements. This is why Mizuno is a perfect fit for ExactGolf - because we have also made it our business to be able to serve all individual configurations. Mizuno has all club heads, shafts and grips in stock. There is no extra charge for special shafts or grips. However, there is a kind of "standard configuration" for each set of irons which is already built in advance and in larger quantities. These are correspondingly cheaper and available for immediate delivery.

If the irons are ordered individually, they are assembled exactly according to the customer's wishes. This means in exactly the required shaft and in the desired length. With selected grip, lie and loft. Here there are basically no restrictions except for particularly long or short shafts. A club that is to be longer or shorter than 1/2 inch requires a special manufacturing process in that the swing weight must be adjusted. Mizuno does this but can only handle lengths of - or + 1/2 inch. A club with e.g. +1 inch would need to be drilled out to fit the swing weight. We do this for example with our Miura irons. Unfortunately this is not possible with Mizuno. Apart from that Mizuno really satisfies all wishes and that very efficiently and quickly. Within 14 days the set of irons is built and ready for shipping.

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