Mizuno JPX921 Tour

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The JPX919 Tour could not only convince countless amateurs, but also tour players like Brooks Koepka. The successor JPX921 Tour does not only bring some optical changes. All in all, the JPX921 Tour has become more sporty and is therefore a real option for above-average amateurs and professionals alike.

One such change concerns the weight distribution in the club head. With the JPX921 Tour, this is no longer concentrated so strongly on the toe but is distributed more around the entire blade. The result is less forgiveness for hitting the toe, but a richer sweetspot feel and better "playability". Shaping is now much easier with the JPX921 Tour.

However, the long irons are correspondingly sporty, so it makes sense to replace them with the JPX921 Forged and build a mixed set. By the way, Mizuno has left out the 3 iron completely on the JPX921 Tour because not even tour pros need one. And this despite the traditional lofts of the JPX921 Tour. The 7 iron has a full 34° which is quite a lot for today's standard.

The sole of the long irons of the JPX921 Tour is a bit wider to make them a bit easier to play. The sole of the short irons, on the other hand, is a little narrower. This allows more playability with these so-called "scoring clubs".

We would recommend the JPX921 Tour to all players who like to hit a solid club but do not want to sacrifice playability. Players who have problems with longer irons should take a closer look at the JPX921 Forged or consider a mixed set of JPX921 Tour and Forged.

We will receive our test clubs shortly to publish a detailed test report.

Standard set from 5-PW.

Mizuno JPX921 Tour Specs and Lofts

Loft in ° Lie in ° Offset in Inch Length in Inch
#4 24 60 0.126 38.5
#5 27 60.5 0.122 38
#6 30 61 0.118 37.5
#7 34 61.5 0.114 37
#8 38 62 0.11 36.5
#9 42 62.5 0.106 36
PW 46 63 0.102 35.5 

About Mizuno

Mizuno is one of the very few manufacturers who are able to produce in large quantities and still maintain a very high quality standard. Mizuno is best known for its irons and the especially soft feeling at the moment of impact. This is made possible by the innovative manufacturing process and the "soft steel" used. The manufacturing process also allows the production of large quantities without any loss of quality. All club heads are forged in Hiroshima and exported to Europe. There they are assembled according to the customer's wishes.

This makes it possible to produce an almost infinite combination of clubs and to meet the exact needs of the player. Mizuno offers a wide range of shafts and grips which can also be selected at no extra charge. There is only one variant that can be called "standard". This configuration is already produced in larger quantities and is therefore cheaper. We at ExactGolf can also make small adjustments such as a different grip, lie or loft ourselves. This makes us the only Mizuno dealer that not only offers all possible configurations but also makes various adjustments ourselves - at no extra cost.

The manufacturing processes at Mizuno are very advanced and extremely accurate. It takes a few months to train a new employee and to have the necessary skills to build the clubs. Mizuno still manages to meet the demand in a relatively short time of 14 days.

There is only one small limitation that Mizuno has to take into account and which we as clubmakers do not have: Mizuno cannot properly adjust the swing weight on shafts that are over 1/2 inch longer or shorter. If you choose a club with +1 inch it would have to be drilled out so that the swing weight is not too heavy. We will do these adjustments with Miura irons, Mizuno unfortunately does not. So you should be aware that much larger or shorter Mizuno irons will most likely not have the correct swing weight. If this is relevant to you it would be best to contact us to discuss the issue.

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